Who is responsible for delivery?

Every product's delivery is the sole responsibility of the Supplier.

What are your charges to allow Suppliers to sell on Outlet E-mall?

As no products would be transacted directly from the site, Outlet E-Mall would not be adding any margin or profit upon the products being showcased for sale. However  to keep the site fully functional and for suppliers to have a full fledged platform, we charge a nominal amount monthly, with discounts for annual subscirption as well! Please visit our pricing page for details.

How does the warranty work for products sold on the website?

As mentioned above, outlet-emall.com is a flexible exhibiting multi-vendor platform where the seller and buyer would eventually close deals directly. Thus, any product that requires or applies warranty should be provided by the supplier and claimed accordingly. Outlet E-Mall does not take any responsibility on product warranties. However, should customers face any concern, please feel free to reach us on feedback@outlet-emall.com

What is Outlet E-Mall?

Watch this video (Click here) which explains why, what and whom Outlet E-Mall is for.

Who are "Customers?"

Any individual or professional registering with Outlet E-Mall is termed as "Customer" or "Buyer".

Who are "Suppliers?"

Dealers who have registered with Outlet E-Mall are termed as our "Suppliers" or "Sellers". Registered and approved suppliers can directly upload their products and offers onto outlet-emall.com through their individual dashboards, which will be then displayed on the website.

What are the charges for registering with Outlet E-Mall

Signing up with outlet-emall.com is free for all customers. However, there is a nominal monthly charge applied for our approved Suppliers, who will be given the flexiblity to have their own dashboard and other facilities in the website for a smooth offering process.

How are products sold on Outlet E-Mall website?

Outlet E-mall is a multi-vendor platform designed to help both customers and suppliers communicate and share special offers and enquiries flexibly. The site does not sell to customers directly. Any products that suppliers offer on the website will be displayed accordingly. The customer then can "Express Interest" on that product, after which both parties can communicate with each other without involvement of the Outlet E-Mall team.